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About Earl

My name is Earl Robbins and I am announcing my candidacy for the position of County Executive of Frederick County.  I am running because I am ready to take Frederick County to the next level.  I believe that we must focus on the issues that affect the lives of the citizenry of our county and not be driven by politics. Frederick County can continue to fulfill its legacy of being a great place to raise a family, with a premier educational system, as the county continues to grow to meet the needs of a new technological society, while still respecting its agricultural and historic heritages. My plans would make this possible.

Forty years of experience in industry has allowed me to develop my leadership and management skills.  That experience includes; working as a cost accountant, production supervisor, safety manager, public  and government affairs manager, manager of public strategy and director of state and local government affairs.

Over the years, I have served the community by volunteering my time to help make Frederick County a better place to live. I have served as; member and president of the Frederick County Board of Education, member and president of the United Way Board of Directors, member and president of the Board of Directors of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce, member and president of the Board of Associates of Hood College, and mentor of the Necktie Clubs at five high schools in Frederick County.

My candidacy is focused on three major areas of concentration. These issues include; the need to improve transportation in the county , improvement of our educational system, and the provision of affordable housing for the citizens of Frederick County.

Taking control of transportation issues means partnering with the federal government, state and surrounding counties. Locally, we need to partner with municipalities, communities and developers to work in a collaborative manner to  complete transportation projects that respect the rights of all citizens, providing adequate highways and alleviating traffic congestion while still maintaining the beauty of the county .

Provision of adequate funding for our schools is a necessity so that our school system can become the best school system in the state.  We need to establish a level playing field for all of our students because all students can learn and must have equal opportunity to do so.

All citizens deserve to have a decent  and affordable place to live. Not only are low income and retirees having difficulty affording a place to live, but so are recent college graduates and young families.  We need to reduce instead of adding cost to the prices of new housing.

Finally, I am running as an independent because I don’t care about the party, I care about the issues.  

By Authority of Friends for Earl Robbins, Willie Wright, Treasurer, P.O. Box 665 New Market, MD 21774
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